With this system you can make purchases of two types of products:

  1. Pre-orders with discount until deadline.
    These products correspond to novelties presented by the different manufacturers and in which we offer an additional discount for advancing your purchase before the deadline.
  2. Pre-ordered with no additional discount and no deadline for purchase.
    For replacement products or new products that do not have a special discount.

Shipping method

When we receive the products in our warehouses, an order will be automatically generated with the units you have pre-purchased, with OcioStock being responsible for determining what and how many products to send in each shipment based on the accumulated volume, with shipping costs completely free.

Payment method

Pre-orders should only be paid when stock is available and the purchase can be confirmed.


Pre-orders may not be cancelled under any circumstances, except in the event of a long delay in delivery by the manufacturer. Please make sure you really need the units you have purchased before pre-ordering.
Once a product has been pre-ordered, the quantity purchased cannot be changed. If before the deadline you wish to extend the pre-ordered units, please contact the sales department at