Conditions of sale

Conditions of sale

Orders placed through the online platform is subject to the following conditions of sale except for clients with special conditions that have been signed:

  • Free shipping for Spain (Peninsula) on orders over € 99 (VAT not included and pre-orders).
  • Transfer Discount: 2% discount applied to orders paid by bank transfer anticipated.
  • The preparation of the orders will be satisfied immediately after payment. Delivery will be made.
  • The prices displayed in the web products are always PVD price (sale price or assignment to the distributor) and do not include VAT.

OcioStock not be responsible for delays in deliveries due to force majeure and / or other causes beyond the control of OcioStock.

Synchronize product catalog with your online store

If you have an online store and want to automate the update of news and stock we have the solution as your child licenses provider. If you are already a customer you can request access to our catalog of products in CSV or XML format where we will provide you with all the information of each product with a standard structure that you can adapt to your online store. Request it from the following link.

Frequent questions

When should I pay for products in pre-order?

Pre-order products will be invoiced at the time they leave our warehouses, and will be associated with your usual form of payment.

When the products bought in pre-order as I receive?

The approximate date of service of the product can be seen in the product sheet.

What is the dead line to buy the products with the extra discount?

The closing date or deadline is different for each product. You can check the deadline on the tab product.

Is the extra discount for pre-ordering applied to the price shown on the product?

Yes, you can see the rate without VAT (or regular purchase price), the PVPR (or recommended retail price) and the price that appears in the largest size will be your net purchase price.