Here you can find the answers to the most frequent questions we receive in our customer service. If you can not find what you are looking for, contact us.

  • About the platform

  • How to access the platform and see the catalog distribution prices?

    To view the PVD you must register by filling in all the information on our registration form. After verifying that the data belongs to a professional company or shop in the sector, we will activate the account. Thereafter, simply by entering your username and password will appear PVD prices (dealer sale price or wholesale price), as well as as the discount applied on the recommended PVP.

  • Is there any type of document or permit is needed to sell your products?

    No permission or special document is required. You only have to have a valid IAE to be able to carry out a professional economic activity and be registered as an independent or company.

  • Who can be a distributor of our catalog?

    OcioStock we are distributors of gifts, stationery, children's clothes, babies, shoes and toys. If you have a physical store or online store that has any of these product categories you can start enjoying our products from this moment. Also if you are looking for original gifts distributor, we have a large assortment of products with very high turnover.

  • How should I process my orders?

    Orders must be made through our marketplace www.OcioStock.com To log in and start an order you must go to the section log in where the system will ask for your username and password.

  • How can I download the photos of the products?

    OcioStock cedes the rights on the images of the products in the same moment in which a client makes his first order in our platform. You can use them for your online store, to prepare physical catalogs and print them or for any other commercial purpose. To download the files you just have to enter the product file by clicking on the image or the name of it. Once inside click on the right mouse button on the product image and on the option "Open link in a new tab". That way we can see the image in high resolution and download it without any problem.

  • What are the advantages of buying at OcioStock?

    Buying products for your business in the OcioStock marketplace has important advantages:

    1. You have available an extensive catalog of licenses and brands as well as having different categories of products such as stationery, toys, household goods, gifts, children's clothing, footwear, plush toys and much more.
    2. You also have great wholesale discounts in all product ranges without having to make large purchases.
    3. Buy on our distribution platform designed and structured for a quick and convenient shopping experience.
    4. Save shipping costs when making your purchases in a single provider
    5. Up-to-date information on all news and offers through our daily communications.
  • What is the customer service hours?

    The customer service hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • Do you want to be a supplier of our platform?

    If you are a manufacturer and importer of products and want your products to be present in the OcioStock marketplace, do not hesitate to contact us at proveedores@ociostock.com and send us information. We are happy to collaborate with new brands and continue to provide our customers with original gifts and a diversity of products.

  • Do you have cash & carry direct sales to make purchases in store?

    We do not have direct sales in our warehouse. Our philosophy as a marketplace is to facilitate the purchase of our customers and provide added value in all their purchases. That's why we do not want you to spend your time traveling, carrying weight, queuing, going through endless product lines or investing money in fuel. We want you to have everything you need at the click of a button!

  • I would like to have your catalogue in CSV/XML, where can I download it?

    You can request access to the CSV/XML file from the form below.

  • About shipments

  • What is the amount of shipping that I have to pay?

    All customers who have their store or warehouse in the peninsula or Portugal can benefit from free shipping costs from € 99 (without VAT) purchase. If this amount is not exceeded, the costs will be from 7.40€ + VAT.

    For customers of the Balearic Islands the shipping costs are free from € 300 (without VAT) of order. If this amount is not exceeded, the expenses will be 8.26€ + VAT.

    For our customers in the Canary Islands freight costs will be free from the 400€ order. And if that amount is not reached, the costs will be € 30 for DUA export and freight. The client will have to pay the import company and the Canarian taxes to the transport company.

    For the customers of Ceuta and Melilla the shipping costs will be free from 495€ of order. If the amount is lower the shipping costs will be 60€ in concept of DUA and freight.

    Shipments to all countries of the European Union will be free from 495€ (VAT or VAT) of order. For orders that do not reach that amount, shipping costs will be 19.99€. The islands of the European Union such as Madeira, the Azores, Malta, Cyprus or others the customer must pay the full shipping costs for orders of up to € 495. From that amount OcioStock will pay 19.99€ on the total expense.

  • How can I see the number tracking my order?

    You can see the tracking number of your orders by accessing the platform with your access data and by entering "My account" and then "My orders". There you will see the transport agency with which we have processed your order and tracking number. In case you do not see the tracking number on that screen, please contact us at info@ociostock.com

  • How long will I receive my orders?

    The delivery time of the orders depends on the destination where it is sent. You can check the delivery times depending on the destination from the page shipping cost.

  • To which countries do you send?

    We ship throughout Europe with very economical conditions. The rest of the countries of the world can also make shipments with transport companies such as FedEx o GLS which we usually work. We also give customers from outside Europe the possibility to pick up their orders at our warehouses, as in some cases it is cheaper to contract transport in the country of destination.

  • About pre-orders

  • When will I know that the products I have requested in pre-order are available?

    To know the products that we already have available in stock and that we can send you, you must access the platform with your access data. Once inside, you must go to the page of "Backorders", where the ones we have in stock ready to send, indicated in another color and with a black square on the left, appear. To pass them to the shopping cart you just have to click on the button "Move to selected order".

  • What are the advantages of the pre-ordering system?

    Buying with the pre-order system has multiple advantages. Normally we offer additional discounts on all new collections and new catalogs presented by manufacturers. In this way, in addition to guaranteeing you the best purchase price, you can enjoy the highest priority service once we have received the stock. Also with this work formula you ensure the availability of the stock since when the products enter the warehouse we proceed to block the stock of customers with pre-order.

    It is very important to make the pre-orders as soon as possible to ensure the availability of the product and thus avoid delays in the delivery of products.

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